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Turks & Caicos Mass Choir

Behold! Live in Chicago


Having spent way too many Sunday hours in Mt. Zion A.M.E. church, gospel music definitely has a special place in my heart. There’s an overwhelming power and majesty to the congregation rocking to the Spirit. The rafters quaking in the Glory. The Mahalia Jackson fans furiously flapping in the heat of it all. A recording just doesn’t do it justice. There’s no fervor. It’s too far removed from the urgency of a black church ceremony, at least to my mind, and heart. The Turks and Caicos Mass Choir had a lot of personal prejudice going against them to move me to their camp, and they just could not pull it off. They just weren’t good enough. They’re OK. They’re there. But, aside from the cute reggae ditty (“Righteousness”) and the abysmal rap (“A Brighter Day”), there’s nothing here that makes Behold! stand out from your average gospel disc.

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