6 Minute Mile

6 Minute Mile

The Race For Second

Sonic Boom

Much like Jimmy Eat World before them, 6 Minute Mile is ‘tween music for teens. You know, the kids are looking for a little more emotional depth than Blink 182, but still looking for sound byte lyrics perfect for yearbook signings and online diaries. And, of course, the music’s got to rawk! Eh, I suppose this does, but for the most part we’ve heard all this before. With quiet-to-loud guitars, stutter-stop drums and singer Jason Hughes’s thankfully whine-free voice it rocks exactly the way you would expect it to, but even at its catchiest it’s still a little stale. Only “Pilot” manages to let the super fuzz shine in for a Smashing Pumpkins drone. The wince-worthy, emo-squared lyrics don’t help matters much (“She kept her heart on a string for me,” “Our hearts aren’t made of wood,” “Don’t ever listen to all of the words that they say,” etc.)

By rights, these guys should be huge by year’s end and in regular rotation in every teenager’s stereo across the country. They’ve got all the trappings to be the next crossover emo band. It really wouldn’t break my heart if fame eludes them, though, because I likely won’t be listening.

Sonic Boom Recordings: http://www.sonicboomrecordings.com/

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