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JR Ewing

Ride Paranoia

Gold Standard

JR Ewing’s latest full-length release proved to be the top screamcore release of 2002, and it’s about time it’s released in the US. Having evolved over the course of three albums from playing full-on unapologetic hardcore more to melodically complex but equally uncompromising territory, JR Ewing pummel their way through 13 tracks of furiously biting songs that somehow leave room for beauty beneath anguish, for melody beneath chaos. A smattering of screams and pent-up aggressive riffs are tightly knit together by supreme songwriting and sincere sentiment. Carrying the torch of Fugazi and Refused, JR Ewing’s cathartic screamcore fuels the stunning “Laughing With Daggers” (a screamcore national anthem if ever there was one) and the frustrated groove of the closing title track. If you haven’t already grabbed your copy of this, run off to your local record store or, better yet, click the link on this page’s upper right corner right away. Ride Paranoia is a modern-day hardcore masterpiece, and (I kid you not) already an essential part of screamcore history.

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