Brigitte Demeyer

Brigitte Demeyer

Nothing Comes Free

self released

Brigitte Demeyer follows her 2001 debut Another Thousand Miles with an even stronger collection of songs. Backed by a band that didn’t come together until it was time to record, the musicians sound as if they’ve been playing together ever since that first album stunned critics and audiences alike. Although, that’s not all that surprising when those musicians include recent Neville Brother Ivan and members from Emmylou Harris’ backing band, alongside some recruits from her previous effort. Demeyer herself still occupies center stage, her relaxed, natural voice mature beyond her years, her songwriting both crafted and inspired.

A folksy singer/songwriter, Demeyer sets herself apart not only with her unique craftsmanship, but also with her influences: rooted as much in swampy Delta blues as in classic pop, being as influenced by late 1960s soul as by 1990s alt-country. Her Carole King songs are wrapped in Sheryl Crow’s approachable blues, her courageous Emmylou Harris whisper delivered in the brave stance of a folksier Liz Phair.

Nothing Comes Free isn’t only an exciting and invigorating collection of songs, but a remarkable display of unique talent, an approachable yet uncompromising statement from one of the truly great new singer/songwriters of today.

Brigitte Demeyer:

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