Bury Your Dead

Bury Your Dead

You Had Me at Hello


Before I start, please know that this CD rocks, 100%. It’s pretty impossible to listen to You Had Me at Hello without raising a fist in glorious triumph. The guitars are ferocious and grating in a very unique way for a hardcore band; this uniqueness is hard to put into words, but it’s a good thing. The drums are absolutely manic, as they plod and pound relentlessly, laying the perfect backing for the onslaught of chugga chugga found in these 11 songs. The vocals• well, they’re another story

I’ve donned an eye patch, a beard of stubble, a striped shirt and I’ve chopped off one of my legs at the knee, only to replace it with a wooden peg. Now I feel that I can adequately describe this vocalist’s delivery: pure pirate. I keep waiting for him to start screaming about swabbing the poop deck or walking the plank, but he doesn’t. While listening to this CD, I wonder how a parrot would be able to stay on his shoulder during a stage show (maybe he glues the parrot’s feet to his shoulder). Anyway, this guy sounds like a pirate, and it makes a fairly brutal bunch of metalcore chugga chugga pieces sound almost comical.

As an aside, Bury Your Dead is one of the best bands that I’ve ever heard do that note bend thing! You know, when there’s a breakdown, and the “jud jud jud” guitars are interrupted by a screeching, bended note• well, these guys are really sweet at that, mainly because of the unique guitar tone I mentioned earlier.

Bruises and cuts may result from how tough this stuff is, but it’s totally worth the momentary pain. The pirate singer is pretty funny, which makes for an extra incentive. This is first rate metalcore here, folks, plain and simple!

Alveran Records: http://www.alveranrecords.com/

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