Floid Matrix

Floid Matrix

Stop the Technology Madness

Super Asbestos

Stop the Technology Madness is the debut album from Floid Matrix, a Fargo, ND trio that disbanded back in 1999. This album was released one year before that split, and it’s anybody guess why it suddenly popped up in Ink 19’s office five years later. It probably had to do with the fact that Floid Matrix have decided to give super stardom a second chance, reforming last fall. And why not? We’ll just call it a re-release (even though it’s not) and happily review it, especially when it’s as good as this.

Floid Matrix are too introverted and self-indulgent for their own good from time to time, but more than anything else the album is a refreshing take on acid-y indie rock. It’s Pixies, punk, shoegaze and stoner. The jammy “Argyle” is lovely, “I’m Not Left Handed” is weirdly titled but a standout track and “The Rhineman Exchange” is a fine Nevermind moment. Stop the Technology Madness certainly isn’t a masterpiece that just about got away. It’s a highly competent indie-rocking album that suffers a bit from sounding like it was recorded those five long years ago.

Super Asbestos Records: http://www.superasbestos.com/

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