Friends of Dean Martinez

Friends of Dean Martinez

On The Shore


Instrumental rock generally makes listeners flee. And most often for good reason, since it is generally a mess of prog-rock self indulgence that requires careful chemical adjustments to enjoy, but that are never supplied. Well, forget all that with Friends of Dean Martinez. Sunbaked soundscapes that rarely tire (although listening to both discs of On The Shore might be a bit much at one sitting), a love of seemingly conflicting, but ultimately harmonious sounds and noises and expansive instrumental journeys. This is Calexico and Giant Sand territory: vibrant, focused musings that just happen to not have vocals. In addition to being top-flight creators, FODM have a knack with reinterpreting the familiar. “Wichita Lineman” and “Tennessee Waltz” take up residence in the desert and come out sounding fractured, alien and wonderful. This is great road music. Just don’t be alarmed if the highway vanishes and you’re left driving on waves of sound.

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