Glass Candy and the Shattered Theatre

Glass Candy and the Shattered Theatre

Love Love Love

Troubleman Unlimited

Happening “it” band Glass Candy and the Shattered Theatre move way beyond their no wave peers and end up in some trashy, sleazy death disco inhabited by shrieking punk divas and garage rockers on speed. Sharing the minimal guitar/drums set-up of the White Stripes, that’s where all similarities end. Glass Candy is a female-fronted three-piece playing ripped-apart no wave with a proudly slutty attitude. It’s hysterical, super charged and extremely exciting stuff, just about the most thrilling trash-punk rush I’ve heard since• well, you tell me.

Vocalist Ida No’s manic, high-pitched screams and stream-of-consciousness lyrics are beautiful and brave, her band mates’ playing is rugged and constantly threatening to fall apart. PiL, Nina Hagen and the Cramps all come to mind, as do Crass and Wire, alongside modern no wavers McLusky and Liars. But Glass Candy are something else altogether, offering all and everything in the way of uniqueness and a generous, personal, claustrophobic frenzy. Love Love Love is 25 blistering minutes of the weirdest, most exhilarating punk disco this year, and it’s coming your way fast. Submit and surrender.

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