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Rufio EP


This little three song EP is my first taste of the highly touted and championed Rufio, and I must admit that I’ve got large bruises on my bum from this one. Wow! I’m rather glad I got a chance to hear these guys, as this is a band fully devoted to rockin’ the crap right out of their listeners’ collective pants.

“Set It Off,” is one of those instantly infectious and contagious rockers that demand to be heard, repeatedly. The guitars are really jagged yet straight-forward, the drums are rapid and explosive and the vocalist is totally wussing out with his whiney voice – and it’s spectacular. This is totally early-‘90s Fat Wreck style Propaghandi, with more melody and emotion. The descending vocal melodies of the chorus are absolutely perfect, as guitars pound along chord progressions that evoke a truly sad tone. Genius!

The Multimedia portion is also really awesome here. There are some lovely photos, rock videos, a tour movie and lots of other little perks. I did nearly blow out my eardrums, though, when I turned on the multimedia part. It seems like the mixed volume is way too high or something (it could just be me).

The EP’s first and last songs are pretty good, but this EP is totally worth the cash just for “Set It Off”; it reminds me of sped up, late-‘80s Dischord post-punk stuff. Whew! I must admit, I do now consider myself a fan of these guys, and I will happy to hear a new full length in the future.

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