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Busted Wings and Rusted Halos


I read a couple of reviews that slammed Busted Wings and Rusted Halos without mercy, but I’m not sure what these guys are thinking! I’ll admit that this brand of melodic pop-based emo stuff doesn’t break down any walls of originality, but Somehow Hollow have put together one heck of a rocker! The fact that this is on Victory seems funny, as I remember the days when Victory was king of all things scowling and chugga chugga; times change, I guess!

From start to finish, the guitars jump right out of the speakers, playing all manner of melodic emo lines that bands like Samiam made famous many years ago. The drums are pounding and explosive, but could be a bit higher in the mix, with a bit more bass drum punch. The vocalists have that really whiney singing voice that the kids with black rimmed glasses and Weezer pins will eat up wholeheartedly (the guys actually sing pretty well, though, so I shouldn’t be chirpin’ trash).

I guess you could say that Busted is “safe” emo pop for kids unwilling to take a chance with their music. The melodies are sticky and sweet, but the songs are very difficult to differentiate. My feeling on this type of music though is: “Who cares?” I like the loud guitars and sweet vocal lines; they’re fun for lonely car rides. Fans of Student Rick, New Found Glory, and the like will be licking their chops after a couple of bites. Awesome record!

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