L.A. Shakedown

L.A. Shakedown

Various Artists


Two discs, 38 songs all fit for your next biker rally or Jagermeister binge. Drawing heavily on the Stooges/Sabbath blueprint, guitars set to “stun” and a general lack of social niceties, this is great stuff. From the ever magnificent Supersuckers to Nashville Pussy (with some less than mainstream folks such as Throwrag or Piss Ant), this collection falls somewhere between punk and hard rock, taking the best of each. The Superbees do a bang-up version of Aerosmith’s “SOS (Too Bad)” and Demented Are Go sound much like a less violent Motorhead on “Blood Beach.” Granted, around two hours of this stuff at one time is a bit much, but it does pack a lot of bang for the buck. Oh yeah, special mention to Lords of Altamont for band name of the year. Rock for the non-weenie.

Acetate Records: http://www.acetate.com/

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