Judas Cradle

How should I put this? Ummm• This band is terrible! I can’t really put it any other way. I’ve heard terrible Metallica rip offs before, but rarely have I had to actually check the liner notes to see if James Hetfield is actually singing (he isn’t). But seriously, Leviathan is total dreck, from beginning to end. Let us discuss the various ways in which this is awful.

The lead singer is just about as good of a place to start as any. This guy is incredible. He sounds so much like James Hetfield that he shouldn’t even bother with this band. He should put together a bunch of studio musicians and tour as a Metallica cover band. I’m serious. This guy is absolutely a dead ringer for Hetfield (vocals-wise). I’m a fan of The Cure, and I know that the two or three most well known Cure cover bands get several thousand dollars a show, which is way more than a band like Leviathan is likely to score. Seriously man, if you’re reading this, take that sickeningly Hetfield voice and hit the road with it.

The second reason that this is utter crap is the poor production. The bass guitar sounds totally ridiculous. It’s so high in the mix, that it’s usually louder than the guitars! You have to be joking! The drums sound like they were laid down on one of those little toy sets you get from Sears for your five year old: very crisp and weak. The guitarists are a mockery of anything that has ever rocked; their solos here are completely unforgivable.

This all makes for a record that is an absolute sham. How could these guys have released this? How were they able to pose for the fold out picture without cracking a smile (I wish you could see the sword one of them is holding: priceless!). Did I mention that this record is terrible?

Judas Cradle: http://www.judascradle.com/

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