The Rewind EP

Fueled By Ramen

A remixed re-release of last fall’s EP, this is only Punchline’s second release in their six years as a band. It’s a fun and inventive 4-track disc, but fails to move beyond what we’ve come to expect most emo bands to sound like these days; Cursive, The Juliana Theory and regular touring mates Unsung Zeros are all names that immediately spring to mind. Being a pretty lighthearted, poppy affair, Punchline certainly have more in common with the latter than the former two.

The Rewind EP proves that Punchline have something going for themselves, but they remain a bit on the overtly safe side despite their frequent tempo changes and epileptic tendencies. It would be nice to see them stretching above and beyond the limits of conventional emo confines.

Fueled By Ramen Records: http://www.fueledbyramen.com/

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