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Eskimo Kiss

This is pretty impressive stuff for a debut EP. Lookwell come across like a Michael Stipe-fronted Luna, the melody lines curving snakelike through songs that will sit splendidly next to your indie pop faves of the nineties. The opening “Autobahn” is an amazing track that should secure Lookwell a bright future on your local college radio playlist, but a couple of the remaining four songs become a tad too lulling and complacent for their own good. The music is beautifully arranged, the songs wrapped in gently swaying linens, but perhaps Lookwell would do well to step out of the comforting swirl they create for themselves in order to focus on and expose their songs more clearly and individually. The closing “Pencil Me In” shows the band’s detailed craftsmanship and their musical scope, and one can only hope that this marks out the direction for future endeavors. Unhurried is by all means an interesting and promising first release, however, the band needs to ascertain their individuality a bit more on their next one.

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