Ring, Cicada

Ring, Cicada

Good Morning, Mr. Good.

54, 40′ or Fight!

This is getting ridiculous! I can’t pick up a record from 54, 40′ or Fight! without being blown off of my seat, and sent sprawling into convulsions of glee and ecstasy. This Ring, Cicada record is just another in the amazing string of releases from a truly wonderful record label.

First, I need to point out that the press sheet that came with Good Morning, Mr. Good is spectacular, as it features a photo of these guys. There’s a guy in the band that, and I’m being completely serious, looks like he has a burnt loaf of bread tied to the back of his head. It’s kind of a frizzed out metal haircut, but it makes this weird rectangle — you just have to see it to believe it.

“This band is so good,” I cried. They play really low-end heavy math/art/emo stuff, with vocals being showcased only every once in a while. They sound kind of like Shiner, but Shiner is basic and rudimentary compared to Ring, Cicada. I think the best way to describe their sound would be to imagine if Hoover had never broken up, calmed down and continued making music. I loved Hoover, so that’s totally a compliment.

Now, while I describe the way the instruments sound, you can guess who the recording engineer on Good Morning, Mr. Good is. The drums are absolutely crushing and enormous, with extra “oomph” being given to the bass drum. The cymbals (especially the hi-hat) are super crisp and delicious, and every single section of the drums is pristinely recorded with plenty of tender lovin’ care. The bass guitar is really ringing and overdriven, and is the powerful, driving force behind these songs. The guitars are warm, and seem to almost percolate with intensity. Now, my description may not be perfect, but Mr. Steve Albini of Shellac fame obviously recorded this one. Most of the records that he records have a similar feel (drums and bass wise), and this one is no different (although the press sheet says this is one of the best recording jobs he’s done in a while).

To be honest, though, I think my cat could have recorded this and it still would have kicked major butt. I get so excited whenever I hear a record like this that I don’t even know what to do with myself. These guys have been around for nearly eight years, and this is their first full length. If you have any taste whatsoever, you’ll be wishing, with me, that these guys don’t break up now that they have a full length (as tradition for math/ art bands often holds). Great Record!

54, 40′ or Fight!: http://www.fiftyfourfortyorfight.com/

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