Squirtgun / Teen Idols

Squirtgun / Teen Idols

The Dysfunctional Shadowman EP

Asian Man

It’s always nice to get a record from two established and celebrated bands like Squirtgun and Teen Idols. Both play sweet poppy punk stuff with warm vocals and fast, Ramones-esque rock & roll song structures.

I guess you could say that once you’ve heard the Ramones, you’ve heard about 50% of the bands that call themselves “punk;” both of these bands fall into that category. The two Teen Idols songs are like a Ramones record played at 45 rpm, while the Squirtgun songs are like the same Ramones record, played at regular speed, with a different vocalist sitting in for Joey.

The best track here is Squirtgun’s “Dysfunctional.” It’s the slowest of the four, but it’s also the hardest rocking. Despite the lead vocalist’s voice being pretty wussed out, this track kicks some butt. Pretty sweet CD, if you’re into the Ramones. If you can get it for under $5.00, it’s worth the money. Hurry, though, as there were only 2,000 of these babies pressed.

Asian Man Records: http://www.asianmanrecords.com

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