The Beggarz

The Beggarz

Days Come Easy

The Beggarz is more like a vehicle for Toronto-based singer/songwriter/ guitarist Adam Cassidy than a proper band, since there are no permanent members and this album was recorded mostly with the help of studio musicians. That’s not such a big deal though when you consider Cassidy’s blues/rock guitar playing — which takes the best bits from Mark Knopfler (“Ain’t It The Truth”) and Keith Richards (“Do What You Will”) — is really the star of every song.

Cassidy’s singing is less remarkable, however, as he does his best, less-artsy impersonation of Violent Femmes’ vocalist Gordon Gano. Take that for what it’s worth, according to your personal taste. The songs that stand out on Days Come Easy are the ones that sound like other, better known songs. “Janine” capitalizes on The Beggarz’ overall consistent Rolling Stones-vibe, in that it sounds remarkably like “Dance Little Sister.” “Better Yesterdays” sounds like Lou Reed’s version of the oft-covered “Sweet Jane.”

A good producer could probably flesh out The Beggarz’ sound a bit and maybe take the weedy edge off Cassidy’s voice, which will get under some people’s skin regardless of how good his guitar playing is. Recommended if you like: Rolling Stones, Lou Reed, Violent Femmes.


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