The Secession Movement

The Secession Movement

We Need A Hill

Keep Safe

I was immensely impressed by The Secession Movement’s previous album, 2001’s Akedemik. It’s a delight to see them actually surpassing that very fine album with their latest release, despite the inclusion of a couple of less interesting post-rock-by-number tracks, most notably the plodding “We Are Prone.” Exceptions aside, We Need A Hill is nothing short of a refreshing and invigorating take on mathematically construed emo, packing a direct and expressive punch, effortlessly combining the dwelling concentration of Slint with Cursive’s jagged despair.

Vocalist and guitarist David Downham sings with an urging presence, abrupt hesitations fighting against the necessity of his lyrics. This band has got to be one of the tightest, most solid musical units out there today, stoically refusing to let their technical ability get in the way of each other’s playing. From the hard rocking psych-prog of “Breathe the Month Ashore” to the hardcore Radiohead sing-along “Jangled” to the crushing attack of “Hit the Ground,” The Secession Movement have crafted an aggressively fueled album, showing themselves to be a band in constant musical flux. We Need A Hill is the sound of mathematics and emotions walking hand in hand, and it’s a beautiful sight, you know.

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