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If there is any justice in the world Wes Anderson will beg the Vells to do the soundtrack for his next film. The Creation riff that opens “Light On the Right,” which defers to Roy Orbison’s “Pretty Woman” nicked chorus guitar, should be proof enough. If not, how about “Blue, Blue Bones?” It’s the sound of the Kinks writing Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” in the late ’60s and inventing disco for all their friends on the Village Green. Apparently the next phase of the British Invasion is being staged from Seattle, WA.

Singer Tristan Marcum is blessed with the least nasal androgynous voice this side of Belle & Sebastian’s Stuart Murdoch. His voice is so soothing that the hash pipe poetry (“Below the winding mines of mine/ in stone and finery and line/ we know the rights and sights”) sliding through his affected British lisp is rendered infinitely palatable.

It’s likely that the biggest draw to the Vells will be drummer Jeremiah Green of Modest Mouse and Red Stars Theory fame. It’s no surprise that he’s just as solid as ever, driving “Blue, Blue Bones” and “Gun For Gun” like a pro. In fact, every musician holds his/her own beautifully, creating pastoral pop that puts much of the now defunct Elephant 6 to shame. This is 2003’s gateway album from winter to spring, with all eyes and minds on summer. Get this now!

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