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By writing this, I will channel the attention of countless idiots towards a group of Improv-Comedy kids that started a band that put out a CD with songs on it. Unexpectedly, the music from this CD has become trapped in my head. I hear it when I ride the train; when I’m shopping for groceries; when I pay my taxes. What is this, The Matrix? All I’m offering you is the truth: I go to sleep hearing it, and when I wake up it’s still playing where it left off. I don’t even need to play the CD anymore – it’s embedded in my brain. (Psst! That’s gotta count for something, record executives!)

As far as I know, it’s not the familiar drumming of Brad Fries (that son of a bitch who was supposed to tour with me in 2000 but bailed), or the magical guitar chord progressions written by Jocelyn (I am truly jealous) – it must be something else. Look, I honestly don’t know why I like it. The band should be hoping that it infects others the way it did me – and the music is terribly childish sounding, not in technique, but in imagery. Singer Michael Mangum has a voice that would charm any 6-year old girl away from a jar of cookies. There are bits and pieces of all sorts of things in this band’s sound: R.E.M., Pixies, PJ Harvey, Cranberries, Radiohead and probably some other college rock bands I don’t know anything about. Wear a ringer-tee when you listen to their music, you will see what I mean. And yes, there are some subtle and clever musical moments on this CD, but I have the feeling that their music is more suitable for a Teletubbies video than a rock club. This is not a bad thing at all – it just shows that the established music scene needs to be altered slightly to accommodate them. And why shouldn’t it be expected to? Should our young people be cursed to endlessly be bombarded by bands with names like Hatebreed, Skinlab, Diecast, or Pissing Razors? Hell no! Three cheers for Where’s Moo! Serve me a tall glass of Orange Jarf, not that other barf!

Where’s Moo:

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