Babies Are For Petting


I’m not sure that a record entitled Babies Are For Petting stands the best chances of chart-climbing success. Musically speaking, however, the lead-off track “Look Out For Traffic” is Vue’s finest moment yet, a song so scruffily glam, so garage-crazed pop, it’s impossible to not get caught by its plain brilliance. This 5-track EP marks Vue’s first release on RCA, and it’s a welcome laugh in the faces of those of us who thought a major label could tame this snotty five-piece.

While the EP’s two final tracks don’t really manage to crawl their way out of the retro-fied blues mud in which they stumble around, the fine “Hey Hey Not in Here” and the title track offer solid evidence as to why Vue may shift a few more copies of their upcoming full-length than before. OK, so they may dress suspiciously sharp and have an overall aura of considered rebellion, but for now let’s give them the benefit of doubt and enjoy this sometimes huge and sometimes anemic effort from the dandiest hipsters in garage rock today.

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