Where Fear and Weapons Meet

Where Fear and Weapons Meet



Seems like Where Fear and Weapons Meet’s favorite band has “betrayed” their roots and signed on with a major label, as four of the six songs on Control are about how lame that band is and how they can’t be trusted. Man, that’s so uncool. Similarly, “Turning the Tide” is about how tiny the hardcore scene is and how few people the band draws to their shows, and that everything was so much better before. Now, of course they may have a point. But isn’t hardcore supposed to be about moving on and doing what’s right for you?

Musically, however, Where Fear and Weapons Meet are less whining and defensive, delivering the goods by churning out old-school hardcore with punk’s melodic brilliance, call-to-arms vocals and aggressive sing-along. Ranging from the brief aggro-trip of “Everything Between” to the ferocious bite of “Figure it Out” and the epically chanting “Other Face,” there really isn’t a bad track on here, making this a convincing and engaging fifteen minutes.

Eulogy Recordings: http://www.eulogyrecordings.com/

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