A Kubrick Odyssey

A Kubrick Odyssey

Trigun Kubricks
Series A

He’s a hunter of peace who chases the mayfly known as love. He’s Vash the Stampede, he’s two inches tall and lives in my change purse. Now you too can take one of the most dynamic and interesting anime/manga characters with you everywhere. That’s what I do, and it’s not weird at all, you know why? Because no one knows, and it’s going to stay that way. I’ve learned my lesson.

When I first picked this baby up I was flaunting him, showing him off (as if anyone really cared) and left him out where everyone at work could see him. Big mistake. These damn Kubricks come apart. I guess they’re supposed to, but really what’s the point? My curious co-worker picked him up and was like, “What’s this?” And I said proudly, “That’s Vash the Stampede! The hunter of peace…etc.” “This is one of those anime characters, huh? Wow! It comes apart! How cool!” And she proceeded to tear it limb from limb. She pulled the hair off, then the head, the hands, and then finally dislodged the legs from the torso. She didn’t mean any harm, but jesus christ, it was a horrible experience. Now only a select few get to hold it, and I’ve super-glued everything together.

I don’t really like Kubricks, most of them are generic looking (like the Nicholas D. Wolfwood that comes in this set), but Vash the Stampede is pretty detailed. He has his trademark red trenchcoat on, as well as his sunglasses, earring, even the ickle beauty mark under his left eye. He also comes with his big silver gun and a replacement gun-hand for his left arm. He is short and stocky, completey unlike his character, but come to think of it, there’s no way you can make an exact duplicate of the character with only two inches of material.

There are two other characters that come in the set, Wolfwood and Monev the Gale. Like I said, the Wolfwood it pretty generic looking. Sure he’s got a suit on and comes with his cross, but *snore* he’s so boring-looking. The cross though is pretty cool and I think I might switch off for a little and keep it in my change purse instead of Vash. Monev the Gale is not by a long shot my favorite Trigun villain. They probably only picked him because he’s got the most gadgets, which they include in the set. Next time though, Kubrick people, why not Knives or Legato? I’ll be waiting!!!

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