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Kat Terran

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Little Roar

There are moments of pure genius on Kat Terran’s debut album, Lion & Blue. An amazing songwriter, Terran’s real strength is her singing. She’s got an incredibly powerful and elastic voice that holds back just enough for you to sense the anger and drama lying beneath, always threatening to burst out. It’s a voice that complements her music wonderfully.

Lion & Blue is an album of medieval violence filtered through contemporary indie folk, subtly using traditional European folk music as a springboard for tackling American singer-songwriter styles. Assisted by guitarist Derek Terran, she carves out violently calm songs which may remind you of Cat Stevens’s child-like naivety, Nick Drake’s pastoral folk and Mark Hollis’s expansive silence. But when it comes down to it, Terran’s songs are something completely unique.

Sure, there are a couple of less interesting songs on here, but remarkably few for a debut album. When it all comes together, on songs such as the incredible “Aspen Tree,” the delightfully disturbing “Dolls” and the moving “Caravan,” Kat Terran proves she has it in her to become one of the most exciting artists folk music has seen in quite some time.

Kat Terran:

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