3 Generations Walking

3 Generations Walking

3 Generations Walking

Spiritual Life Music

While I’m definitely not above quoting myself, I don’t want anybody out there to think I’m so full of myself to think that I have been endowed with anything resembling profundity. However, at one time I’d written (and I don’t remember the review) that dub adds a greater depth to any genre with which it is combined. There stands no greater testament to this than 3 Generations Walking.

This brainchild of producers MKL (Michael Kenneth Lopez) and Herman “Soy Sos” Pearl is nothing short of spectacular. Their combination of dub with house, jazz and world music is a true St.-John-on-the-island revelation. The deep vibrations of bass combined with crisp instrumentation — whether it be the exhilarating drumming that hasn’t popped so brilliantly outside of Systemwide or Latin trumpeting or mournful strings — will leave you gasping for air in the purely ecstatic clouds that emanate from your speakers. Vocalists like Claudia Acuna and Christiane D. add an eerie eroticism that crawls along the libido. And songs like “To Live” and their marvelous cover of Spear’s “Slavery Days” merely knock you out of the stratosphere into a snake charmer’s revival tent.

It’s almost as though epiphanies were like condoms in their respective studios (MKL works out of NYC, while Soy Sos throws down in PGH), dispersed liberally, at a family planning clinic. There’s just way too much maturity here for a debut effort. A craftsmanship well beyond any novice — and many experts. 3GW never fails to impress with their depth, their beautifully crafted amalgamations, and their awe-inspiring sound. This album is so much more than its parts and promises to be one of the best debuts you’ve heard in a mighty long time.

Spiritual Life Music: http://www.spirituallifemusic.com/

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