Brick Bath

Brick Bath



Angry guys, our brick-bathing fellows. If their lead singer Cody comes at you with something pointy in his hand, just make a run for it. He’s pretty intent on hitting and pistol-whipping you. “It’s with my fist I’ll beat,” he sings, ever the poet. The music’s not too far behind either, neither in aggression nor originality (too much of the former, none of the latter). Brick Bath play standard-fare US power metal in the Pantera vein, with Cody’s hardcore grunts on top. Long and fast guitar solos, and a solid thump to every note played. You know the drill. It’s not bad, but it’s something of a disappointment to hear Rebuilt merely repeating what their debut, I Won’t Live The Lie, did better the first time around.

Crash Music, Inc.:

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