Foreign Legion

Foreign Legion



My favorite baby-mamma beater, Just-Ice, once said that all gangstas (back then, it was “gangsters”) aren’t dead. It was true back in ’87, and regretfully it’s still true today. After all, as long as Dr. Dre is who he is, the West Coast will churn out blue- or red-ragged wannabes spouting all kinds of clichéd craziness. But Chronic was over 10 years ago, and the Southern bouncers have stolen a lot of the West Coast’s thunder.

Fortunately, a new crop of Left Coast hip-hoppers have sprouted, and these boys sound a lot less like LA ’92 than New York circa 1979. Following Freestyle Fellowship’s footsteps, groups like Jurassic 5, the old Black Eyed Peas crew and People Under The Stairs have put da hibby to da hibby back in hip hop, abandoning the posturing and pretension for sweet, pure party fun.

Foreign Legion is definitely in this fun-loving group. This Bay Area trio sounds a hell of a lot more like Sugar Hill Gang or Spoonie G. than Too Short or Tupac. Playtight is disco fun revisited. This is the kind of album that puts a smile on your face, a chuckle in your lungs and a terrible shake in your ass. Kid ‘N Play with devilishly foul mouths, Foreign Legion is happy rap for the new millennium.

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