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(hed) pe



While it’s neigh on impossible not to admire (hed) pe’s knack for churning out effective, stadium-sized rap-metal anthems, it’s hardly controversial to state that Blackout, like the two albums preceding it, wears thin a bit too soon, having used up all its tricks after the first couple of songs. Coming across like Faith No More as seen through the sing-along eyes of Mucky Pup, (hed) pe offer merch-heavy Korn-anthems for the youth. They do it with such bravado and boisterous pride that it’s hard not to be taken with it • for a while, that is.

After a few spins, the formulaic, manipulative nature of this really sets in, and you’re left feeling just a bit more stupid than you were 45 minutes earlier. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing. But be warned.

Jive Records: http://www.jiverecords.com/

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