Hint Hint

Hint Hint

Sex Is Everything

Cold Crush

It’s not as if you haven’t heard any other electroclash record this year, and the Pretty Girls Make Graves-endorsed Hint Hint aren’t going to mess around with anyone’s expectations. Offering some sickly blend of The Faint, PiL and Liars, Hint Hint sound like everyone else these days, but add a little something of their own in the form of despairing electro-punk as witnessed on “Among the Blind,” and the confessional stream-of-consciousness absurdity of their lyrics (sample: “I do not disagree with your maternity / in actuality it buzzes like a bug in me” • Isn’t that beautiful?). Plus, they have a song called “Harry’s Ass Is A Picnic,” which is bordering on genius. Stressful fun, but one does wonder where to go next.

Hint Hint: http://www.hinthint.org/

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