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Prefuse 73

One Word Extinguisher


With this second release under the Prefuse 73 moniker, Scott Herren (you may also know the man as Savath + Savalas) has definitely placed himself in the firmament, alongside such luminaries as DJs Krush and Vadim, in the left field hip-hop universe. Herren has expanded upon his click-hop roots with impeccable taste and skill, dropping elements of hip-hop, R&B and jazz. The end result is a masterful blend that makes the left field feel closer to home plate without being cheesy enough to sell peanuts and Cracker Jacks to the folks in the stands.

Like all others in progressive artistic fields, one has to travel a bit to understand One Word Extinguisher. But, fortunately, not too far. Herren grooves; the man is funky; and this album is just the thing for those looking for something new, refreshing and exciting in the hip-hop arena. This disc is worth the slight journey to understanding because, simply put, it is probably one of the best odysseys one will take this year.

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