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Pilot to Gunner

Games at High Speeds

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Stop the presses! New York’s Pilot to Gunner are releasing their highly anticipated Games at High Speeds! “But wait,” you say, “didn’t they already do that?!”

Well yes; twice, in fact. In 2001, the brash, catchy long-player (pop, rock, punk, emo — whatever you want to call it) was thrust upon us by Gern Blandsten, and last year, Australia’s Building Records got their hands on it for a rather snazzy pressing. Gunner logic thus dictates that, since it’s now 2003, we’re due for another release of Games. This time, Arena Rock has the honors, and they’ve thrown a bonus track (which also surfaced on Building’s version) and some international distribution and promotion into the bargain. It’s funny to think that it’s taken three releases for those regarded as “in the know” to clue themselves in about PTG (English champion of the underground, John Peel, is counting Games• as one of the year’s best to date, while everyone from NME to Kerrang! is getting excited about this “hot new talent”). It doesn’t really matter, though: Games at High Speeds is fucking excellent, two years old or otherwise. If those responsible for ramming all the “The” bands (White Stripes, Strokes, Vines, Hives, etc.) down our throats had heard this when it was first released, Pilot to Gunner would be household names by now. Instead, they’re admired by music lovers, not whored by those who need them for cash or cool factor. Those latter people don’t even know PTG exist — and hopefully, they never will.

Arena Rock Recording Co.: http://www.arenarockrecordingco.com/ • Pilot To Gunner: http://www.pilottogunner.biz

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