Pothole Skinny

Pothole Skinny

Time Shapes the Forest Lake

Perhaps Transparent

If rural hippie folk is your idea of a good time, then rejoice, Pothole Skinny are here to save you. Like some sinister, far less naive Belle & Sebastian, Pothole Skinny are an artsy but delightfully un-pompous threesome who seem to write songs more or less as an excuse for free-form jamming, resulting in 7-minute-long tracks of half-baroque campfire weirdness. The more loosely structured tracks, such as “Dream of the Labia Lament” (!) and “The Ernest Equinox,” come across like half-assed post-rock drones, far too casually floating and purposeless to matter much in this context. On the album’s finer moments, however, Pothole Skinny strike a fine balance between the considered and the accidental, approaching the imagined sounds of the Incredible String Band featuring the entire Perishable collective. And in these moments, their twee, progressive folk suddenly comes together and makes full, unified sense.

Perhaps Transparent Records: http://www.perhapstransparent.com/

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