Punk Ass Generosity

Punk Ass Generosity

Volume 2

Devil Doll

Putting together a double disc set of 44 punk tracks, Devil Doll has admirably earmarked one of their several comp series for charitable purposes. Poppier in parts than what we’ve come to expect from this hard-rocking garage punk label, Punk Ass Generosity includes tracks from celebrated artists as diverse as A New Found Glory, Crank, Midtown and the Varukers, alongside several obscure-to-unknown punk and garage acts.

Death on Wednesday’s “Stranded” is great, sounding like Morrissey doing some thrashy, classy brat-punk. MU330 are their usual hyper-energetic ska selves. Gluecifer deliver some good of Scandinavian sing-along rawk, while Plan A Project serve up some fine Oi!. The Kowalskis deliver a slab of shimmering power pop, and Two Man Advantage’s “New Season” is quality hardcore punk. And we’re not halfway through yet.

The alphabetized sequencing of contributors further serves to underline the diverse, casual nature of this compilation, and any fans of a broad range of punk (from hardcore to ska to old-school to pop-punk) will find a lot to enjoy. Plus, you’ll be helping a worthy cause too. What’s not to like?

Devil Doll Records: http://www.devildollrecords.com/

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