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Fantasy Reality [12”]


Star 69 keeps churning out the house like they were HUD, or something. Their stuff is pretty damned good, and Cyn’s “Fantasy Reality” definitely falls comfortably within that realm. Written by Cyn Camacho, this 12” is broken up into two mixes: one by DJ Disciple and another by Chumbomundo. While the latter is capable enough to move you, it is the former that is tres formidable. Disciple continues his Brazilian obsession with this “Sinister” mix. It’s absolutely brilliant, kinetic, scorching the floor with its incendiary Brazilian percussion while a heroin-smoking Eurotrash babe drones her hipster-speak over the maddening beat. It’s so deliciously hedonistic, it’s hard to believe Disciple has so completely withdrawn from his gospel roots.

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