Those Peabodys

Those Peabodys

Unite Tonight

Tiger Style

Unite Tonight is the sophomore release from this Austin, TX four-piece, on which they churn their classic power-rock through the punk rock revolution and come out on the other side bruised, beaten and volatile. Those Peabodys probably share a few musical references with the Hives and their like, but somehow end up sounding fresh and invigorating, if not too unique.

“All My Friends Are Good” is a huge slab of high energy New Rock delivered with a gracefully demented strut, while “Komputer Musik” elegantly thrusts forward with cowbells, twin guitars and crazed David Byrne vocals. “Bustin Up Yo’ Complex” isn’t half as bad as its Ian Gillan-fronting-Cream heritage may suggest, and “Denim And Diamonds Forever” offers acid-y psych rock evolving into highly potent hard rock with serious social issues.

Unite Tonight is an acerbic and high-strung set that may be easier to be impressed by than to actually fall in love with. But its theatrical cock rock at least attempts to inject something fresh into a scene that’s growing more predictable with each new pub-rocking grunt that emerges, and just for that Those Peabodys deserve kudos and cheers all around.

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