In what seems to be a series of confusing career moves, Adam Clayton Forkner has recently dropped using his real name for this project, instead going with the catchy [[[[VVRSNN]]]] moniker, originally scheduled as the album title (although initially it was spelled ([[((VRRSION))]])))))). What fucking ever! In any case, it•s pronounced •Version,• but such straightforwardness would apparently not be cool enough (which, admittedly, it isn•t), and instead we have another TAFKAP on our hands. Bummer.

Thankfully, Clayton•s music is better than his PR skills, and [[[[VVRSSNN]]]] presents a sprawling and intriguing mish-mash of bubbling, electro-fueled sadcore. It•s an unlikely combination, but he somehow manages to pull it off and has created an enchanting album of drowsily organic music nestling underneath lilting electronica, topped with Clayton•s bizarrely monotonous chants. From mesmerizing a capella tracks to freakish road music, from new ageist drones to crackling, confessional IDM, Forkner has made an album that barely stands still and succeeds in depicting impatience despite the underlining sense of quiet stillness and gray ambience.

K Records: http://www.krecs.com/

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