A.M. Vibe

A.M. Vibe

A.M. Vibe

Silver Girl

I don’t mean it as a pejorative when I say that A.M. Vibe is a very simple band. They’re very forthright in their influences and make no pretense of breaking new ground. The alternation between stripped down ethereal rock and static electric bash & pop would fit right alongside Letters to Cleo, Only Everything-era Juliana Hatfield and one of my most missed bands, The Sundays — though singer Lisah has smoked too many cigarettes to quite reach Harriet Wheeler’s heavenly register. Even the name checking and ironic sensibilities are very ’90s-centric. “Good Times” references the Pixies’ “Wave of Mutilation” and The Simpsons’ birthday ode “Lisa, It’s Your Birthday” is integrated into the song’s final verse. Both were unexpected surprises that brought a smile to my face. With the above-mentioned artists either MIA or putting out sub-par albums in recent years, I’ll gladly welcome A.M. Vibe into my record collection as a substitute. I can feel my Sundays’ albums getting jealous already.

Silver Girl Records: http://www.silvergirl.com/ • A.M. Vibe: http://www.amvibe.com/

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