DC to Daylight

DC to Daylight

Xmas Murder ’74

Urban Cheese

DC to Daylight may have a silly name, but there’s nothing even remotely silly about this Californian pop-rocking three-piece. Strongly reminiscent of Weezer, DC to Daylight’s delightful indie rock may not be too cutting edge — but who cares, when it’s done as stylishly and confidently as this. “Like A Man” blatantly rips off Nevermind-era Nirvana, but these guys somehow gets away with it. As they do with everything else, it seems.

While Xmas Murder ’74 may be the sound of three kids who never quite got over the Pixies, I’m certainly not one to hold that against them. The songwriting is not always top-notch, however, there are some splendid moments here — most notably the great opening track “Just A Joke.” And it’s all very remarkable stuff for a first offering.

Urban Cheese: http://www.urbancheese.com/

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