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Dressy Bessy

Little Music


Dressy Bessy are certainly one of the most charming bands around. They play an indiefied, undeniably catchy brand of psychedelic pop that I can eat up like a bowl of sugary cereal.

The new singles collection, Little Music, is a great way to get caught up with Dressy Bessy. The lo-fi edge of these tracks is a most welcome contrast to their sunny bubblegum melodies, and singer Tammy Ealom’s innocent-sounding vocals are the prefect companion to the vaguely trippy, fuzzy, guitar-oriented sound. Tunes like “Live to Tell All,” “Lipstick” and “All the Right Reasons” instantly get your toes tapping and your head bopping along as their hooks quickly get stuck in your head.

In other words, Little Music is like time-tripping to the ’60s in Doc Brown’s converted DeLorean hovercraft/time machine — and you’ll never want to come back. If you don’t already know Dressy Bessy, this is a great introduction. If you’re already a fan, the inclusion of several compilation tracks makes this a great way to complete your collection. Either way, you owe it to yourself to pick this one up.

Kindercore Records: http://www.kindercore.com/ • Dressy Bessy: http://www.dressybessy.com/

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