The Big Nothing

54 40′ or Fight!

Dropsonic is yet another in the incredible arsenal of 54 40′ or Fight! They play post-punk emo stuff with a country/western flair, and they sound rather unique when compared to most of their more violent-sounding label mates.

The Big Nothing teeters on Braid-esque math rock, sprinkled with weird slide guitars and other twangy noises. The drums are quite loud and are left high in the mix, making for a powerful and destructive album. The bass is chunky and ringy, but it’s not overbearing or comical; the bass player here seems to have found an almost perfect tone, somewhere between Shellac’s grainy sound and the warm loopy bass found by the likes of Corm and Crownhate Ruin. The lead singer is the real champion of Dropsonic, as he’s an actual singer, one given to crooning, ala Jeff Buckley or the lead singer from Remy Zero. His voice is fantastic and will melt you with ease.

This is actually a repressing, so you may have heard it before. If you haven’t, this is one that’s really worth giving a listen. I suspect these guys will one day be an indie rock household name.

54 40′ or Fight!: http://www.fiftyfourfortyorfight.com/

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