Go Go Go Airheart

Go Go Go Airheart

Go Go Go Airheart

Gold Standard Laboratories

After tuning into and attempting to interpret the dynamic rock exploration that is GGGA’s proper debut, I can only assume it be rather befitting that the band’s found a re-issued home on the stealthy, ultra-hip GSL imprint. Relishing sonic diversity like Marlon Brando does cake, this 17-track paean to mutated post-rock exposes the hearts of electronics, dub, indie-rock and garage noise, leaving them bleeding and in brilliantly askew dispositions.

Rather than rely on simply finding the white noise cores of these various styles, Airheart (led by the desolate cries of frontman Mike Vermillion) splinter and splice tones and melody like chemists gone mad. Though tunes like the nameless 13th track and “Elgin Marbles” carry the sweaty, non-linear swagger of their post-punk peers, Airheart’s insistence on creating robotic soundscapes amid a dirty rock-soul front makes this first LP a sonic endeavor almost unlike any other. Think the Rapture mind-melding with Throbbing Gristle or Nurse With Wound, and you might have just steered a course in the right, but otherwise bizarre, direction.

Gold Standard Laboratories: http://www.goldstandardlabs.com/ • Go Go Go Airheart: http://www.gogogoairheart.com/

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