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Honky Mofo

Honky Mofo

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Honky Mofo… the name just rolls off of the tongue ever so wonderfully. The “Honky Mofo” in question here is the uber-talented Ricky Wolking, a somewhat unknown young man whom I consider to be a rock star in waiting. Honky Mofo is the most surprisingly pleasing album I have heard in many months, and one that has owned my CD player for several days.

Wolking seems to take a cue from the mighty Beck, in that he does several different musical genres, including soul, rap, rock and pop, yet none of them sound contrived or stupid. When I speak of Beck, I’m referring to his Mellow Gold and Odelay albums, the ones where he seems to show the most musical diversity. Wolking works in similar fashion on Honky Mofo, with the most memorable tracks being the melodic pop-rock of “Sandra,” the hilarious rap of “Redneck 2002” and my personal favorite, “White Cracker Trash.”

Fans of Beck will absolutely go nuts over this album, as will fans of Dead Milkmen, Barenaked Ladies and Kid Rock (some of Wolking’s rockier stuff kind of sounds like Kid Rock’s rockier songs). The beats here are big, the guitars are very crisp and clean, Wolking is both a hilarious lyricist and a really good singer, and the recording quality is absolutely stellar. I will be surprised if this guy is still unknown two or three years from now. I can’t recommend this one enough. Just give it a whirl, and you’ll be shakin’ your booty, laughing and totally enjoying yourself.

Ricky Wolking: http://www.rickywolking.com/

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