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While last year’s Save Rock’n’Roll had some convinced, I wasn’t among those, seeing it as a competent but rather underachieving and anonymous affair. Sky Pilots may not be a full turn for these Swedes, but it is certainly an unexpected gigantic leap upwards. The band has finally strayed from the self-imposed constraints of 1970s Stones-infused rock music, and begun a bold move towards something far more interesting.

Sky Pilots sees the band sprinkling their music with a whole new sense of melody and perfection. It’s still scruffy and energetic rock ‘n’ roll, but it’s rock ‘n’ roll imbued with something more than just that. In the past, The Flaming Sideburns too often sounded like a band running on hard rock autopilot, doing the Swede rawk routine like it’s another day at work. This time, however, the band has pulled itself together, and as a result, has come up with a fine set of truly driving songs • music that stands apart from the regular Hellacopters crew of Scandinavian rawk. And it’s all beautifully done: shamelessly aggressive hard rock with passion and presence.

Sky Pilots may not be the sound of anything even remotely approaching a music revolution, but The Flaming Sideburns prove they have it in them to broaden and sharpen their musical boundaries, and to come up with some very beautiful hard rock while they’re at it.

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