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One Less Tear

Brothers & Sisters United in the Fight Against Cancer


A noble cause, but rather than actually buying this, you might as well consider donating your money directly to any of the cancer organizations benefiting from this ethically beautiful but musically horrendous release. From Vince Neil’s spoken word contribution to crooner-cowboy Kevin Sharp’s two (count ‘em) contributions, One Less Tear completely and thoroughly fails to impress except in super small portions. Olivia Newton-John’s “Not Gonna Give Into It” and The Van Zant Brothers’ “Alive” are two of the less awkward contributions. Elsewhere, this is filled with a studio band backing semi-stars and non-stars ranging from Mark Slaughter to Ryan Marshall, Cahal Dunne to Ricochet, and, of course, project organizer Chuck Navasky – all performing bland pseudo-country, pseudo-folk and pseudo-pop. Respect to the idea and to the people involved, but musically, this just doesn’t cut it.

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