The Starvations

The Starvations

Get Well Soon

Gold Standard Laboratories

Get Well Soon is the LA-based Starvations’ second full-length album, and it’s yet another essential release in their already extensive back catalogue of singles, EPs and splits. Telling tales of worn-out desperation, of living life at the end of a rope, vocalist Gabriel Hart’s weary voice has got that punkish twang only too many sleepless nights can bring out. And the band’s persistent insistence only adds to the impression that the Starvations are out to confront the rest of the world head on — not because of any optimistic, youthful abrasiveness, but because it’s the only chance they got left.

Get Well Soon is a short album, clocking in at a measly half hour, but its desperate ferociousness and countrified garage rock will leave you gasping for air by the end of this set. It’s one hell of a ride, and it is certainly no pretty trip either. It’s overwhelmingly powerful, and urgently beautiful. Get Well Soon may not be the most consistent album the Starvations’ could’ve made at this point in time, but this isn’t supposed to be about consistency or diversity. Get Well Soon is an amazing album that dares to look one man’s despair square in the eyes, all the while creating some beautiful rock ‘n’ roll as it does so. Thrilling stuff.

Gold Standard Laboratories:

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