The Starvations 7

The Starvations

Horrified Eyes / Maintaining My Grave 7″

Gold Standard

Six years into their career, and LA’s The Starvations are just about starting to cause a little stir — and such attention is long overdue. If this two-track 7″ is anything to go by, their upcoming full-length may well be the album that’ll earn them the respect they so richly deserves. Lashing out with proud, raving passion, The Starvations display an Iggy-ish fervor on “Horrified Eyes,” an amazing track that even had me up on my feet dancing. This is a huge slice of apocalyptic garage rock for the ages.

Following that, “Maintaining My Grave” should have been a disappointment, but it’s not. Instead it builds on the momentum raised by the A-side, adding a frenzied Bad Seeds hysteria to the sound. It’s furious garage country like you’ve never heard before. Single of the year? A wee bit too early to tell, but this’ll be a tough one to beat. A fantastic, huge two-headed rock-n-roll beast. All hail The Starvations.

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