Type O Negative

Type O Negative

Life Is Killing Me


This is the fifth album from these sardonically poppy goth-metallers, and if it doesn’t scale the heights of Bloody Kisses or October Rust, it at least tries to — which is more than can be said of the last album they released. Singer/bassist Pete Steele seems to be hungrier and more creatively playful, and Life Is Killing Me benefits greatly from the Playgirl centerfold’s newfound inspiration. Stampeding back and forth between Sisters of Mercy-style megalomania and joke-y punk-pop, from Sabbath doom to lush campfire pop, Type O Negative somehow binds it all together with their dark, twisted humor and shadow-y but unpretentious production.

Life Is Killing Me isn’t only a wildly diverse album, it’s also one of Type O’s most consistent releases yet. Strange days indeed. They probably will not win over a whole new audience with this one, but old fans will be pleased, as will everyone open-minded enough to check out the last great goth-metal band.

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