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I’m not sure why I held out hope that Weezer drummer Pat Wilson’s side project could rectify some of the compounding wrongs Weezer go out of their way to commit. Eh, in any case I was wrong to hope, so very wrong. From the first song on, it’s obvious Wilson has nothing to offer musically beyond a cheap rehashing of his full-time band. All of the downward spiral elements of Weezer are here: no variation in instrumentation, just the standard guitar-bass-drums dynamic; riffs copped from the worst mid-‘90s alterna-sources (Seven Mary Three, anyone?); inappropriate hair metal solos on every track; and inane, clichéd lyrics. (Wilson actually does one worse than Weezer leader Rivers Cuomo in this department. Check out the gratuitous swearfest “N.F.A.” C’mon, guess what the ‘F’ stands for. I’ll give you a hint; it’s neither ‘French’ nor ‘Freedom.’) Must• turn… this… off… now… before I lose any more respect for Pinkerton and the Blue Album. Please, Pat, we know you’re capable of so much better than this.

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