Clancy 6 / Vincent Price’s Orphan Powered Death Machine

Clancy 6 / Vincent Price’s Orphan Powered Death Machine

Split 7″


I liken this 7″ to a boulder smeared with maple syrup and chocolate sauce: heavy and sloppy. Vincent Price’s Orphan Powered Death Machine is a curious screamo/spazzcore band. They have a three-tiered vocal approach: one growls, another kind of talk/shouts and what I assume to be a young lady screams/shrieks at the top of her lungs, as if she is being murdered. Their three tracks are fast and violent, with chaotically distorted guitars. To be honest, though, it sounds like there’s no bass guitar, so this is just way too “high end” and static-y for my taste.

The Clancy 6 is a more traditional grind-metalcore band, complete with a vocalist owning a “grade A” growl/scream. The recording quality is way too sloppy and dirty sounding, and all of the instruments kind of blend together into one violent mess. The three songs they do here are pretty cool, but easily forgettable.

The artwork of this 7″ takes the cake. The prominent color is a kind of burgundy, with blood red writing, listing the band names, below a lovely row of skulls. Anything with skulls and exclusive hues of red gets my vote! Not only is the artwork nice, but you also get the songs pressed onto a beautiful slab of clear wax.

In short, this is violent and rockin’, and features lovely artwork: pick it up.


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