Electric Six

Electric Six


XL / Beggars

Electroclash porn kings Electric Six may have that annoyingly infectious “Danger! High Voltage” single to show for themselves, but it seems the well’s already run dry by the time of this debut full-length disc. Fire blends hard rock and disco, porn funk and post-punk into embarrassingly one-dimensional nothingness. Sure, there are the odd fun moments on here — the corny “I Invented The Night” and the joke-y rawk of “Gay Bar” are both entertaining if not exactly super-exciting tracks. But all in all, Electric Six prove to be the one-trick ponies that the first single suggested they’d be. It’s all carefree arena rock, stupendously un-clever music to get bored by. Good for one laugh, but by the second time, the joke’s already wearing thin.

XL Recordings: http://www.xlrecordings.com/

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